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Quantity Take-off Services

HVAC Quantity Take-Off Services

Bill of quantity

BIM HVAC’s Quantity Take-off services help our clients to estimate projects more efficiently and cost effectively. Our quantity take-off service is catered to Architects, Construction managers, General contractors, Engineers from across the globe.

Our services would be equally effective towards any stage of the project development of new as well as existing buildings — be it preliminary, schematic design, final design or complete redesign altogether.

For more specific information about Quantity Take-off services, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

MEP quantity takeoff
MEP quantity takeoff

Services We Offer:

  • Professional Estimating Services
  • Cost Analysis
  • Blue Print Takeoff

  • BOQ & BOM Preparation
  • Review of Estimates
  • Cutting List Preparation

Our Deliverables:

  • A list to calculate the approximate cost of a project for bidding purpose.
  • A list of materials required by a contractor, supplier or vendor to complete a contract or an order.
  • A list of materials required by an owner or contractor to calculate the cost.
  • A list of all raw materials, parts, intermediates, sub-assemblies, etc., (with their quantities and description) required to construct, overhaul, or repair something.

Our Quality Assurance:

Customer satisfaction is given predominant Importance at Advenser. Every engineering/estimation team at Advenser can comply with internationally accepted standards and building codes. We have a dedicated team of quality analysts headed by experienced quality control managers who closely monitors every project as it progresses.

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