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BIM Analysis Services

Revit modeling services

Analysis is one of the most important aspects in Building Information Modeling, as it is the crucial factor towards the success or failure of a project. Implementing correct information at the right time is essential for ensuring from planning to execution to completion is traversed without any major bottleneck. At Advenser, we take special attention to ensure everything required is communicated on time:

MEP BIM Modeling
HVAC Water Plant
HVAC Commercial building
HVAC Before Coordination
HVAC After Coordination

Clash Detection:

Major impact of BIM, with regards to the AEC  industry, is its clash detection feature between the various engineering components that comes under the project. Unattended clashes results in major problems at later stages, like loss of time and money. In usual cases, it may also result in rerouting, resizing or re-engineering one or more components of the services, which may highly impact the quality of the model. At Advenser, we understand these kinds of challenges and our engineers monitor the exact  BIM requirements on a regular basis to check for such conflicts, give alerts as soon as possible, so that  the necessary step is taken care on time.

Sustainable Design orientation:

The impact of design in AEC industry is easily identifiable nowadays which are un-environment-friendly, carbon footprints and which impacts the green revolution. Volume, materials and climate impact an environmentally sustainable design. At Advenser, we use the following tools to support the analysis of sustainable design:

  • Area and volume analysis
  • Material take-offs
  • External and internal heat load extracts

Construction Insights:

This service facilitates the end user to review and monitor the progress of the construction. As everyone knows, there are many unique ideas that can arise when reviewing construction-in-progress models. A majority of these ideas have the potential of saving time and money.

Design Visualization:

Designer can visualize the model from every angle and required changes can be made at once.

Code & Compliance:

In case of public and healthcare buildings, special tools are needed to check compliance with the different regulations while the analysis is done. Vast amount of time and money is saved while generating deviation reports.

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