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Collision detection

Collision Detection

MEP Coordination

Collision detection of the HVAC system against the building structure ensures fast and precise feedback for the architect and streamlines coordination with the building engineering team. HVAC collision detection identifies the exact location of discrepancies on the floor plans and the 3D views.

BIM based collision/ clash detection offers many advantages as compared to other traditional methods. BIM allows its users to selectively check for clashes between any specified systems, such as between mechanical, plumbing, structural systems, etc. And the clash checks can be performed at any level of detail and across any number of building systems and trades.

The collision detection feature thus enables the problems to be identified long before the actual installation of the HVAC ducts, which in turn allows greater planning time. Building owners, architects, contractors can propose multiple solutions to overcome the clash issues before actual installation.

Let us help you save time and money, by detecting all the clashes using our quality collision detection services.

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