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Building Information modeling or BIM is emerging as the most feasible and reliable option available in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Building design, construction and management has now become an easier and cost effective task because to BIM.

BIM provides the potential for a virtual information model to be handed from Design Team to Contractor and Subcontractors and then to the Owner, each adding their own additional discipline-specific knowledge and tracking of changes to the single model. This process greatly reduces the information loss that occurs when a new team takes “ownership” of the project as well as in delivering extensive information to owners of complex structures far beyond that, which they are currently accustomed to having.

BIM allows the use of collision detection, which greatly decreases the errors made by design team members as well as the construction team. Here the computer actually informs team members about parts of the building in conflict or clashing, and through detailed computer visualization of each part in relation to the total building. As computers and software become more capable of handling more building information, this will become even more pronounced than it is in current design and construction projects. This error reduction is a great part of cost savings realized by all members of a project. Reduction in time required to complete construction directly contributes to the cost savings numbers as well.

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HVAC BIM Modeling

BIM also offers adequate information for building performance analysis and evaluation, which is of vital importance for sustainable building design. BIM provides accurate and extremely reliable information about the building, the structure, the materials used, etc including green aspects such as energy efficiency and day-lighting.

With the construction industry facing recessions, intelligent players are adopting BIM to provide them with a competitive advantage over their counterparts. Most of the organizations using BIM normally have a positive feedback about its effect on their business. BIM is being currently employed by professionals on all building types from the simplest warehouse to many of the most complex new buildings.

Although there are many difficulties, two of the main hurdles in adopting BIM technology are training and costs.
  • Training: Receiving adequate training is the greatest challenge to adopting BIM. This could be particularly difficult because only a limited number of users might be having an expert background that could be used as a training resource.
  • Costs: Cost of software and required hardware upgrades also form significant hurdles in the adoption of BIM technology.

    BIM Outsourcing

    Considering the advantages of adopting BIM technology, handling the work in-house would most probably nullify the advantages due to the involvement of training time & costs, hardware upgrade costs, software costs, etc. Hence, BIM adopters are finding outsourcing BIM work, to countries like India, more advantageous than handling the work in-house.
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Advantages of BIM Outsourcing are that it can:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Help accommodate peak loads

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